Hi, this is Roman speaking.

Tell your BSD story

I'm starting a series of BSD user interviews to help beginners (mostly developers and system administrators) to discover, learn, and use BSD operating systems and related projects.

Share your story and help BSD community grow.

For example, tell us who you are. Are you a software developer, system administrator, book author, gamer, network hacker, or artist? What is your favorite BSD system and why? How do you use it today? Do you use BSD at work or is it a hobby?

You can update your story any time, even after it's published. Start small, add details later.

Please DM your story to me via Twitter, Mastodon, or email it (but don't forget a link to your Twitter, Mastodon, or website).

Format? Plain text or Markdown.

Thank you!

P.S. Real names are prefered, but not required. I'll publish your story with your display name and avatar.

Check people who run BSD.
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