for my dear job posters (applicants?)

Questions and Answers

What jobs are accepted?

Any BSD-related jobs are welcome here.

Developers, system administrators, devops, technical support, product managers, sale managers, book authors, you name it. OpenBSD, FreeBSD, NetBSD, Dragonfly BSD, etc.

How to post a job here?

Email me a link to your job post. I will review the page and publish the link after receiving the payment.

What information about the job is needed?

Do you accept links to a tweet?

Yes. Tweets are quoted in full (with your avatars, name, handler, and the date).

How to delist my job post?

To delist your job post (for example, if the position has been closed) email me. Or do nothing and I will remove it after 90 days.

Check people and companies who run BSD.
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