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May-June 2018

System Administrator at Modirum
Oslo, Norway or Tallinn, Estonia

"We're hiring sysadmins — or Command Line Warriors — in a FreeBSD-centric environment with high focus on security."

Eirik Øverby
Jun 5, 2018

Senior Software Engineer at Netflix
Los Gatos, CA, US

Cloud / Application Security Architect at NetApp
Research Triangle Park, NC, US

Customer Support Engineer iXsystems
San Jose, CA or Maryville, TN, US

Open-Source Internship Opportunities at iXsystems
San Jose, CA or Maryville, TN, US

Software Engineer Cloud Services Platform at McAfee
Paderborn, Germany

Technical Support Engineer at Sindvine

System Administrator at IBM
Dublin, Ireland

Software Engineering Manager at WhatsApp
Menlo Park, CA, US

Software Developer at WhatsApp
Menlo Park, CA, US

Systems Engineer at Panasas
Northeast or Mid-Atlantic, US

Lead Software Engineer at Symantec
Waterloo, Ontario, Canada


Operating System Developer at ArcaTrust
Zurich, Switzerland

"We hired a new dev; thank you a lot, he found us on bsdjobs.com! Great idea!"

Reyk Flöter (@reykfloeter)
Jun 10, 2018


What jobs are accepted?

Any BSD-related jobs are welcome here. Developers, system administrators, devops, technical support, product managers, sale managers, book authors, you name it. OpenBSD, FreeBSD, NetBSD, Dragonfly BSD, etc. To make sure run this command:

$ ftp -Vo - URL | grep -c BSD

Where URL is a link to a job description. If you see a positive number you definitely should post it here.

Can I send you a link to my tweet?

Yes. Tweets are quoted in full (with your avatars, name, handler, and the date).

What information should be on the linked page?

How to delist my job post?

To delist your job post (for example, if the position has been closed) email me again. Or do nothing and I will remove it after 90 days.

How to apply for a job?

Click on a job title, find contact information or an application form. If it's a tweet, reply to it or DM the poster.

How to subscribe for updates?

Follow me on Twitter. I announce new job posts with #BSDjobs hashtag.

What if a link is broken or a poster doesn't respond?

Please email me. I'll fix it.

Can't find BSD job, could you help?

Sure. I'm here to help you. Tweet at me. I will like, share, retweet.

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